A History of Excellent Service

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HVAC Supply House from Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Raymond Supply
, based in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, boasts a long and proud history with a reputation of excellence in service as a sheet metal, hvac and roofing supply house.

Why Choose Us
A third generation, family-owned-and–operated business, Raymond Supply Co. got its start in 1954. Since then, the family has served the Winston-Salem area with superior customer service and care.

Our company is unusual in that we offer wholesale and retail. We are able to supply both with no trouble, as our customers tell us we always have what they need.

Our Products
First and foremost, we provide you with all of the ventilation, air-conditioning, and heating supplies you need for your building projects. In addition, our warehouse is packed with an assortment of different types of sheet metal, rubber roofing, and gutters.

Contact Raymond Supply to get you the quality products you need quickly and efficiently for your building needs.